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Erin's Journal

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Stories 100 drabbles Sep. 14th, 2006 @ 07:42 pm

If you read Patt's little ficlets, you've read these drabbles - though they've been changed slightly to fit the 100 words thing.  Here, they are set out to fulfill my "Stories 100" committment.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: The Start
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 001. Beginnings
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim muses
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Looking Back
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 002. Middles
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim muses further
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Hidden Fear
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 003. Ends
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim frets
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Keeping the Home Fires Burning
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 004. Hours
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim muses
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Coming Home
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 005. Days
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Blair relishes coming home.
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: The Way to a Man's Heart
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 097. Writer's Choice - Warmth
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Warmth in the loft
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Same Old, Same Old
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 006. Weeks
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Blair's Day
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: I Missed You
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 007. Months
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim's Day
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Amused
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 008. Years
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim is amused by Sandburg's reaction.
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Make a House a Home
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 009. Sea
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim confesses
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: Waves Crash Onto the Shore
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 010. Shore
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: R
Summary: The partners fall hard
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: First Kiss
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: 011. Faith
Word Count: (must be 100)
Rating: R
Summary: The pair share their first kiss
Author's Notes: I am attempting to make each drabble fit together to create a single story. We'll see if I'm successful long term.

Slash me twice table - Jim/Blair Aug. 22nd, 2006 @ 06:10 pm

001. Shadow. 002. Light. 003. Truth. 004. Lie. 005. Dare.
006. Solid. 007. Liquid. 008. Danger. 009. Sharp. 010. Blurred.
011. Free. 012. Bound. 013. Magic. 014. Time. 015. Spirit.
016. Chance. 017. House. 018. Street. 019. City. 020. Country.
021. Cage. 022. Arena. 023. Rainbow. 024. Wind. 025. I.
026. You. 027. We. 028. Innocence. 029. Guilt. 030. Spark.
031. Flame. 032. Past. 033. Present. 034. Future. 035. Pause.
036. Progress. 037. Flavor. 038. Aroma. 039. Fabric. 040. Dance.
041. Clean. 042. Dirty. 043. Candle. 044. Fantasy. 045. Reality.
046. Oval. 047. Whole. 048. Incomplete/Partial. 049. Coffee. 050. Animal.
051. High. 052. Low. 053. Trolley. 054. Tower. 055. Carriage.
056. Silver. 057. Butterfly. 058. Mask. 059. Sculpture. 060. Freak.
061. Normal. 062. Meeting. 063. Masterpiece. 064. Ghost. 065. Match.
066. Penny. 067. Mouse. 068. Revenge. 069. Forgive. 070. Science.
071. Kink. 072. Safe. 073. Strip. 074. Flower. 075. Famous.
076. Anonymous. 077. Poison. 078. Cure. 079. Moonlight. 080. Sunbeam.
081. Blood. 082. Metal. 083. Love. 084. Hate. 085. Indifference.
086. Sphinx. 087. Phoenix. 088. Magazine. 089. Ball. 090. String.
091. Plane. 092. Milk. 093. Voice. 094. Lick. 095. Need.
096. Sand. 097. Ice cream. 098. Mail/email. 099. Map. 100. Game.

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For Patt Rose Aug. 17th, 2006 @ 10:11 am
Patt won the Moonridge auction for 5 drabbles/ficlets from me and I finally surfaced enough to start writing again - and completed 2 of the 5 last night.  She graciously asked me to post them rather than keep them to herself, so you have her to thank for these.

They started out as drabbles that I pulled together into their little stories.  I'll be breaking them back into drabbles for my Stories 100 challenge as well as leaving them intact as I gave them to Patt. I've struggled hard to write lately, so writing these was such a relief, even though they aren't great American literature or anything.

So, here they go..

Prompt - One Week

Genre - Pre-Slash

Pairing - Jim/Blair (eventually)

Rating - PG 

Prompt - A Day in the Life

Genre - Slash

Pairing - Jim/Blair 

Rating - PG 

Stories 100 Drabbles - The Sentinel - Jim/Blair Jul. 31st, 2006 @ 11:29 am
Fandom: The Sentinel 
Title: Too Little Time
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair 
Prompt: 065: Time 
Word Count: 100 
Summary: Blair juggles his schedule 
Author's Notes: The first time EVER that I've written a 100 word drabble that ended up 100 words on the first draft. I'm sure it'll never happen again.

Fandom: The Sentinel 
Title: Best Friends in Both Worlds
Characters/pairing: Jim/Blair 
Prompt: 096: Writer's Choice - Gift 
Word Count: 100 
Summary: Blair chooses a special gift for his best friend
Author's Notes: Inspired by the episode "Vow of Silence"

Drabbles 100 Fiction Table - Jim/Blair Jul. 26th, 2006 @ 05:53 pm

FanFic 100 Big Damn Table Jun. 26th, 2006 @ 03:27 pm
001. Beginnings. 002. Middles. 003. Ends. 004. Insides. 005. Outsides.
006. Hours. 007. Days. 008. Weeks. 009. Months. 010. Years.
011. Red. 012. Orange. 013. Yellow. 014. Green. 015. Blue.
016. Purple. 017. Brown. 018. Black. 019. White. 020. Colourless.
021. Friends. 022. Enemies. 023. Lovers. 024. Family. 025. Strangers.
026. Teammates. 027. Parents. 028. Children. 029. Birth. 030. Death.
031. Sunrise. 032. Sunset. 033. Too Much. 034. Not Enough. 035. Sixth Sense.
036. Smell. 037. Sound. 038. Touch. 039. Taste. 040. Sight.
041. Shapes. 042. Triangle. 043. Square. 044. Circle. 045. Moon.
046. Star. 047. Heart. 048. Diamond. 049. Club. 050. Spade.
051. Water. 052. Fire. 053. Earth. 054. Air. 055. Spirit.
056. Breakfast. 057. Lunch. 058. Dinner. 059. Food. 060. Drink.
061. Winter. 062. Spring. 063. Summer. 064. Fall. 065. Passing.
066. Rain. 067. Snow. 068. Lightening. 069. Thunder. 070. Storm.
071. Broken. 072. Fixed. 073. Light. 074. Dark. 075. Shade.
076. Who? 077. What? 078. Where? 079. When? 080. Why?
081. How? 082. If. 083. And. 084. He. 085. She.
086. Choices. 087. Life. 088. School. 089. Work. 090. Home.
091. Birthday. 092. Christmas. 093. Thanksgiving. 094. Independence. 095. New Year.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Author's Notes:</b>


Song 100 Community Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 12:00 pm
Well, I'm a writer at heart but I am addicted to vidding and lately am getting most of my muse prompts from songs, so  100songs seemed the perfect community for me.  It's 100 songs that are fic prompts.  I'm going to try and take this a step further.  I want to use these songs to prompt both writing and vidding...perhaps write the fic based on the music vid or vid the fic that I write.  Me, ambitious?  Nah, just insane. 

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Welcome Jun. 15th, 2006 @ 07:58 am
to my friends.  I'm posting my big fiction tables here and I'm also moving all my Sentinel fiction here.  No worries, though.  I'm backdating the old Sentinel fiction to match when it was originally posted - so I won't be flooding your flist with old stories.  They'll be here, though, if you want to go back through and read any of them.

I'm only a few days into this break and already I'm itching to be creative.  It feels really nice to start relaxing again.
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Sentinel 100 big damn table Jun. 15th, 2006 @ 07:57 am

001. Major Crimes. 002. Henri Brown. 003. Captain Banks. 004. Rhonda. 005. Hargrove.
006. Volvo 007. Panther 008. Wolf. 009. Expeditions. 010. House rule # 30.
011. potato chips. 012. Santana. 013. long hair. 014. truck. 015. touble magnet.
016. Boxers/Briefs 017. Father. 018. Mother. 019. Hurt. 020. Comfort.
021. touch. 022. sight. 023. Hearing. 024. Taste. 025. Smell.
026. Christmas. 027. Valentines. 028. Easter. 029. Memorial Day. 030. July 4th.
031. Halloween. 032. Thunder. 033. Thanksgiving. 034. High. 035. Empathy.
036. Confession. 037. Virigin. 038. Outdoors. 039. Loft. 040. Girl-friend
041. Piercing. 042. Tatoo. 043. Scars. 044. Carolyn. 045. Naomi.
046. Stephen. 047. Dissertation. 048. Elevator. 049. Poker. 050. key basket.
051. balcony. 052. tupperware. 053. cold. 054. insurance. 055. Ring.
056. Breakfast. 057. Lunch. 058. Dinner. 059. mask. 060. blindfold.
061. kidnap. 062. guns. 063. ropes. 064. lips. 065. Peru.
066. Borneo. 067. Dr. Stoddard. 068. Lightening. 069. dark. 070. gloves.
071. shirt. 072. Meditation. 073. Late. 074. Funeral. 075. Flag.
076. fishing 077. Hat 078. desk 079. book 080. laptop
081. boxes 082. cell phone. 083. drop. 084. pencil. 085. Paper.
086. Reports. 087. Guppy. 088. dog. 089. Fish. 090. Home.
091. Birthday. 092. Chair. 093. Shelter. 094. Moving on. 095. Texas.
096. Writer‘s Choice. 097. Writer‘s Choice. 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.


30 Random Kisses challenge Jun. 11th, 2006 @ 07:43 pm
This is my challenge list for 30 Random Kisses

01. Moonlight. 02. Ocean Breeze. 03. Hot. 04. Cold. 05. Fire.
06. Snow 07. Motorcycle 08. Coffee. 09. Medicine. 10. Chocolate.
11. Ambition. 12. Tattoo. 13. Magic. 14. Inch. 15. Myth.
16. Epic 17. Rock N Roll. 18. Disco. 19. Abnormal. 20. Universe.
21. Gold. 22. Silver. 23. River. 24. Wager. 25. Wind.
26. Jazzs. 27. Crystal. 28. Blues. 29. Club. 30. Den.


Stories 100 Jun. 11th, 2006 @ 07:30 pm
My Stories 100 big damn table - Jim/Blair from The Sentinel

001. Beginnings 002. Middles 003. Ends 004. Hours 005. Days
006. Weeks 007. Months 008. Years 009. Sea 010. Shore
011. Faith 012. Trust 013. Respect 014. Joy 015. Sorrow
016. Purple. 017. Red. 018. Black. 019. White. 020. Blue
021. Friends 022. Enemies 023. Lovers 024. Family 025. Strangers.
026. Teammates 027. Parents 028. Children 029. Birth 030. Death
031. Sunrise 032. Sunset 033. Too Much 034. Not Enough 035. Sixth Sense
036. Smell 037. Sound 038. Touch 039. Taste 040. Sight.
041. Temptation 042. Whisper 043. Nightmare 044. Bittersweet 045. Guilt
046. Star 047. Moon 048. Run 049. Hide 050. Play
051. Water 052. Fire 053. Earth 054. Air 055. Spirit
056. Breakfast 057. Lunch 058. Dinner 059. Food 060. Drink
061. Winter 062. Spring 063. Summer 064. Fall 065. Time
066. Rain 067. Snow 068. Lightning 069. Thunder 070. Storm
071. Broken 072. Fixed 073. Light 074. Dark 075. Shade
076. Grief 077. Tears 078. Lies 079. Truth 080. Lost
081. Tease 082. Anger 083. Shy 084. Love 085. Hate
086. Found 087. Life. 088. Fear 089. Hero 090. Villain
091. Slave 092. Freedom 093. Quest 094. Journey 095. Triumph
096. Writer‘s Choice - Gift. 097. Writer's Choice - Warmth 098. Writer‘s Choice. 099. Writer‘s Choice. 100. Writer‘s Choice.


Dear Flist Jun. 11th, 2006 @ 07:27 pm
I moved on from the LOTR fandom a year ago and am happily nestled in my new fandom, The Sentinel.  I had many lovely friends in LOTR, but because of a lot of stuff behind the scenes, it was past time for me to move on.  This journal only contained my writings and now I'm ready to pick this journal back up and use it to house my stories on LJ.  I still write the elves occasionally but for all intents and purposes, I'm writing Sentinel now, specifically Sentinel slash.  So, this is your chance to decide if you want to read my new stories or not.  I may or may not ever finish the ones I started in LOTR. 

I am unfriending everyone and starting over.  If you'd like to remain on my flist, then respond to this message and I'll add you back.  If not, please unfriend with my kindest blessings and thank yous for supporting my LOTR writings. 


Theatrical Muse challenge #120: What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done? Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 08:31 pm
Character: Jim Ellison
Fandom: "The Sentinel"
Word Count: 358

(from the transcripts)
Blair: So you must be feeling pretty good. I mean, you did it.
Jim: Did what?
Blair: You conquered your fear of the water.
Jim: Oh, yeah, I guess I did.
Blair: Yeah.
Jim: Now I'm ready for the really big challenge.
Blair: What's that?
Jim: Housebreaking you. We got a couple rules around the house that we're gong to attend to.
Blair: Oh, like what?
Jim: Well, first of all, there's not gonna be any shoes allowed in the apartment or on the premises. They're gonna be kept at the door like they do in Japan.
Blair: Come on...
Jim: Next, there's not gonna be any of those smelly foods that you have from foreign countries that aren't even on the map.
Blair: Don't you think you're taking this a little too far.
Jim: No, no, no. And I'm also thinking about getting some of those plastic covers for the furniture.
Blair: What?!
Jim: Well... maybe not. I mean, I've had...

Final Scene – The Rig

Jim chuckled as the pair made their way to the Coast Guard helicopter that waited for them on the deck of the oil rig. He could hear Blair sputtering beside him; unsure what response to give next and it gave the older man a warm feeling to share the camaraderie of teasing his friend. He often teased Blair about their living arrangements – he could be a noisy and messy roommate, but if he were totally honest; he also made Jim’s cold loft a warm and inviting home.

As the chopper made its way toward Cascade and conversation stopped due to the noise, Jim had time to think and he almost wished he didn’t. This had been close, too close. The seconds counting down to the bomb explosion on the oil rig that didn’t happen had been terrifying. Helpless to stop it, to save Blair and the men trapped in the hold, Jim had faced the possibility of his greatest loss and it shook him to the core.

Somewhere in these wild and crazy weeks since he’d met Sandburg, he’d faced hardened criminals, been chased, shot at and wounded but none of that compared to allowing Blair into his life, his deeply private life. In just this short time, he had given Blair more access to his life than he had given his ex-wife and even now, the older man was unsure exactly why that was. All he knew was that the longer Blair stayed close, the better the odds that he’d discover all that Jim had fought to hide; all his secrets and that was the most dangerous thing that Jim had ever done. Sandburg had a way of discovering things, secret things and pushing you to look at them, deal with them, despite all your efforts to the contrary.

A gentle touch on his arm brought Jim out of his dark thoughts and he glanced at his companion. Warm eyes and a gentle smile met his gaze and Jim returned the smile as his body relaxed. Having his partner around might be dangerous for his secrets, but there was no doubt that Blair was good for him.

Dancing Blair artwork by Lupe!! Mar. 19th, 2006 @ 08:22 pm

On a squee note...I got a lovely email yesterday from Lupe who praised my darling dancing Blair and then gifted me with a gorgeous sketch of him. I just squeeled. She's given me permission to share him, so here he is. At the moment, it's a prelim sketch that she plans to finish, but he was so lovely like this that I just had to share. I hope you like him as much as I do.

Happy 10th Sentinel Anniversary - Jim and Blair 4-Ever!

Topic ??? - Father Mar. 10th, 2006 @ 08:21 pm

Am finally recovering, thank god.  Please, no more relapses.  I wrote this little ficlet yesterday to post to my bs_by_ts journal for Theatrical Muse where we write on topic challenges.  We've been tying each challenge to an episode...this time it's Reunion.

Topic - Father

“He’s going to be fine, Billy,” Jim spoke quietly into the cell phone, trying not to disturb his partner. “He’ll be in ICU for a day or so and then it’s just recovery time.” Jim listened, then smiled. “I’ll tell him and we’ll see you again soon.” Jim slipped the phone into his jacket pocket and sighed tiredly. The waiting room was strangely quiet, devoid even of Sandburg’s chatter. His friend was napping, resting easily knowing that both he and Simon were safe and, so, he could relax. Jim shifted slightly in the uncomfortable chair and watched the only other occupants in the room, a man and his son. They were apparently there with a sick wife and mother and the father was trying to comfort the small boy. The upset child whimpered and sniffled but gradually his father’s quiet voice and gentle touch calmed him and he curled up in his father’s lap and snuggled close. It was a simple moment but it grabbed Jim’s heart. He searched his memories, back through the years to try and find a similar moment – even just one – between another young boy and his father. With a soft sigh, Jim realized that he could not recall one. The wave of sadness surprised him.


Growing up with his father had been tough on a kid. Cold, distant, demanding – Jim had never felt good enough. Flashes of his childhood ran through his mind.


“What is this?” the gruff voice asked as cold, blue eyes looked down at the smaller hand in his before pulling free. “Men don’t do that,” he admonished, ignoring the hurt in the five-year-old blue eyes.

“Don’t be a baby, Jimmy,” the voice admonished as the broken arm was set. The ten-year-old’s knuckles turned white and his jaw clenched tight enough to be painful as he fought both tears and pain levels that made his vision swim.

A lonely teenager watched as father and son went on yet another trip – the ‘loser’ left behind. Clouded blue eyes turned from the window as another wave of pain was shuttered behind thickening walls.

Jim was brought out of his dark thoughts by a movement nearby. Without a glance, he knew that Sandburg had shifted and leaned over to rest against Jim. He felt Blair’s curls brush against his neck and he wondered at his own reactions. Even during their marriage, he had never felt this much at ease with Carolyn in his personal space. Sandburg somehow circumvented most of his scars, his pains. Times like this, Jim was glad. It gave him hope that he was not destined to be like his old man.

Turning back to the father and son, he smiled at the picture of love and peace they made. The child let out a whoop as the doctor entered and spoke to them – good news apparently and Jim was glad for them both. The young boy glanced over at him and smiled and Jim smiled back. The boy watched shyly for a moment before slipping his small hand in his father’s to go and see his mother. It warmed Jim’s heart to see the man look down at his son with love clear on his face.

Left alone with only his partner and best friend, Jim’s thoughts returned to Blair. Raised with no father at all, his friend somehow remained open to love, to friendship, to affection and Jim knew that it was Blair that was responsible for what healing Jim had already experienced. Smiling at the tousled curls now resting on his shoulder, Jim’s fingers reached over and brushed them back from the cherished face.

“Rest well, Chief,” Jim whispered as he settled in and let his cheek rest on Blair’s head.


Jim Ellison
The Sentinel
Word Count: 626
Episode 14: Reunion

The Oldest Dance - TS fic - J/B, language, slash Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 07:56 pm

I've been ill for days and writing wouldn't happen - til this hit me today.  It's an interesting little piece - born a bit out of my past.  Now to try and get caught up in LJ...

Title: The Oldest Dance
Author: Erin Riwen
Category: slash
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,981
Warnings: language
Summary: Blair is left home alone to amuse himself the Friday night before Superbowl.

If you are interested in the song, you can download it here.

//Hey Chief – unexpected stake out...not likely back til tomorrow sometime.  I bought all the stuff for Superbowl party – hands off til Sunday.  Sorry about dinner – have a good night.  Jim.//

Blair sighed as he read the note, then shrugged his shoulders and went to explore options for dinner.  Soup and grilled cheese in front of the TV wasn’t a bad thing, he mused as he surfed for something to watch.  Cheesy horror films, gossip shows, reruns of old TV, too many commercials to name – though that one commercial for the Superbowl did feature lots of cheerleaders.  Figures.  127 channels and nothing to watch.  Snapping the set off, Blair washed up from dinner and then looked around the empty loft. 

“Well, Blair”, he mused out loud to himself “you are one exciting guy here.  When’s the last time you were on a date or out doing something purely for fun? – No, don’t answer that, we really don’t wanna know, do we?”

Blair’s energy was bursting and he contemplated going out, finding something to get into, or someone – but his heart just wasn’t in it and if truth be told, hadn’t been for a while.  Still, he was crawling the walls and needed to do something.  Could jerk off, but nah, that’s become less than thrilling lately too.  Hmmm..ok, exercise?  Not a bad option, but not out running.  It’s too late and definitely not in the mood to run through the streets of Cascade late at night with that fucking neon sign over his head that says ‘kidnap me, fuck me over, torture me’ that he seem permanently attached to. 

A car drove past the loft just then and loud music intruded on the quiet as it did.  Blair grinned, an idea forming in his mind.  Well, Jim isn’t here – so no Sentinel hearing to bother, no Sentinel nose to offend – why not.  “Besides, that’s my favorite way to exercise anyway and I so seldom get a place to myself ….”

Moments later, Blair emerged from his room dressed in cut off sweats; the pants cut mid-thigh and the shirt just below his nipples, his feet bare.  He glanced at the mirror as he passed, then stopped and backed up to look again.  With a soft sigh, he leaned back against the wall and looked hard at his reflection.  “Yep, Sandburg,” he mused out loud, “still short and hairy, lips too feminine and hair totally outta control.  Face it,” he said with a wry laugh, “you’ll never be tall, buff or handsome.”  With a shake of his head, Blair pushed up from the wall and moved into the living room.

He began to set up the music on the stereo and when done, grabbed a large bottle of water from the fridge and turned out all the lights. The city’s glow pouring in from the balcony and the pale green and red from the stereo cast an odd, barely there glow to the loft.  Blair loved dancing in the dark – it felt sensuous and free because he didn’t have to worry about what he looked like or what someone else thought – he could just give himself over to the music, the rhythms and power of movement and not care about anything else.  It was great exercise but it was also a wild and freeing pastime – one that fed the heart of an adventurer. 

The music started slowly, swelling into the dark heights of the loft.  The height of the ceiling and the flat brick combined to give a wild, slightly pounding acoustic timbre to the music and he started first with stretches, lunges, then basic dance moves.  The journey from first stretches to the most intense of the dances was as much of a thrill as the dances themselves and Blair relished every moment.  Now and then he’d stop, taking a long drink of water, but seldom opening his eyes more than just to find it.  To look too long, too hard, was to pull yourself from the magic of the moment.  Even standing and drinking, his hips would still move, side to side or roll slightly.
Most of the music was sensuous, heavy with rhythm and emotion. Blair knew a lot of people saw him as a scholar but many never bothered to find out that he was as deep into the sensual as the academic.  Many of the tribal nations that he’d studied were as well…their basic beliefs steeped in the mysterious and the sensual.  Tribal dances, music, heritage, culture were laced with the sexual side of the nature of man and this was a big part of his attraction to them. 

Blair was lost in the music and when the song changed and he heard the drums start and the moaning voice, he smiled in the dark.  His eyes closed, he started to sway and move and he never even heard the door open and close, never saw the tall figure that stood dead still, then slipped backwards into the shadows, eyes never leaving the dancing figure.

The stakeout had ended far earlier than anyone had anticipated and Jim was glad.  He was tired and even though it was late, there was a chance that Blair was still up and they could at least talk a while.  Lately, it seemed his day just wasn’t complete if he didn’t at least touch base with his roommate.  As he pulled up in front of 852 Prospect, he glanced up and saw the lights were out and felt a twinge of disappointment.  However, a quick check told him music was on and it wasn’t the normal jungle meditation stuff.  No, this was pop music, sensual and rhythmic.  Jim frowned, wondering if maybe Blair had a date up there and as he climbed the stairs, he wondered how he’d manage to get through pretending yet again that he didn’t care. 

With a sigh, Jim stood outside his apartment door and contemplated once more just telling the man that he was in love with him and getting it over with.  Still, the same argument that had always been there had not changed and Jim feared losing Blair if he didn’t feel the same.  Jim knew that in one sense it was just an excuse to avoid the pain if Blair said no, but it had some merit.  Blair wouldn’t mean to…it wasn’t his way, but it would eat away at what they had and eventually destroy it.  Unrequited love is never easy to face and having to do so every day eventually wore down even the strongest and there was no doubting the strength of Blair Sandburg.  Jim doubted his own, often, but never Blair’s. 

Jim opened the lock as quietly as he could.  Perhaps, if Blair was ‘engaged’, Jim could slip past in the dark and the couple would be no more the wiser.  As soon as he heard the next song start, he slipped into the dark loft and closed the door, silently reengaging the locks.  What greeted his eyes was the last thing he had expected and he had to tear his gaze away enough to put his keys down and hang up his jacket.  Slipping sideways into a dark-shadow spot to the right of the door, Jim Ellison stood mesmerized as he watched Blair Sandburg give the performance of a lifetime.  Jim thanked the gods above for his sight, because it meant that Blair was crystal clear to him. 

As he watched, his eyes traveled up Blair’s body.  Bare feet, mostly planted and sliding on occasion as his body swayed, up strong, well-defined calves.  Solid, shapely thighs and up to where erotic visions were hidden by the soft, grey fabric – hips that swayed and rolled to the beat of the music.  Jim had never seen anyone move quite like that but strippers.  Where the fuck did Sandburg learn to do that?  The treasure trail that led up to disappear under the half-shirt.  That shirt, teasing Jim’s senses as he glimpsed one pert nipple and one – holy fuck – pierced nipple.  Breathe, Jim, he admonished himself.  He had thought his dreams of Blair were hot, but dear heavens, this blew those away – yup, right into none existence.  Those strong arms moved, swayed to the music, touching his own body, caressing through his loose curls.   As Blair turned in the dance, Jim saw progressive glimpses of swaying hips, the curves of his tight ass in the soft material, his eyes closed and lips pursed in sensuality.  It was a good thing that he was standing next to the wall because he would not still be upright on his own. 

Blair couldn’t help it…lost in the music, in the sensuality, his mind drifted to ‘him’, to Jim – the other half of his soul.  He knew that Jim loved him and he knew he loved Jim but were they ready for this step?  Jim had floundered in the past when asked to take new paths, trying things outside his comfort zone.  Still, Blair had managed to become a part of Jim’s life in a way no one else had – and he knew that was true even without the assurances of the people in Jim’s life.  It’s time, Blair, he admonished himself.  Time to be up front and take your lumps wherever they fall.  You both deserve to be loved, to be together.  It was nearly halfway through the song before Blair realized he was being watched.  He didn’t bother to look, it was too dark for his eyes, but not too dark for….

For a moment, Blair considered stopping.  He felt a twinge of fear, concern for what Jim was thinking of him – embarrassment for what he must look like.  Still, he was watching, not stopping him, not turning on the lights.  A shy smile curved his mouth and Blair decided to let the fates decide.  If he wanted a relationship with Jim, looks would be a part of it – so would this part of himself.  The dance continued. 


Finally, it occurred to him what the song was that Blair was dancing to.  Erotic City by Prince.  Jim felt the sweat on his top lip, the combination of the song and the dance and Blair just too much for him.  The rhythm made his heart pound and when the words began to push into his brain, he moaned softly and watched. 

“Fuck so pretty you and me – Erotic City come alive. 
We can fuck until the dawn, making love til cherry’s gone.”

Jim was mesmerized; never had he wanted anyone so much.

“Every time I comb my hair, thoughts of you get in my eyes.
You’re a sinner, I don’t care – I just want your creamy thighs.”

Anyone else would have missed it, but Jim didn’t…he heard it not once, not twice but three times…his name on those to-die-for lips.

“All of my hang-ups are gone, how I wish you felt the same
We could fuck until the dawn, how I wish you were my date.”

This was it.  The moment, the time….it was now or never.  Moving silently, Jim removed his holster, his shoes and socks, his shirt – never taking his eyes off Blair.  Finally, he walked silently over to the object of his every sexual thought for the last 6 months and waited.  Blair turned away from him, his body swaying slowly to the slower tempo of the song’s bridge.  His arms were stretched out, hips rocking back and forth and Jim made his move.  In one swift step, his left arm went around Blair’s waist, his right hand captured Blair’s and his face dipped to rest just beside his beloved’s ear. 

“Blair,” he whispered, pouring his love, his passion, his desire into that one word and after only the slightest pause, Blair moved again and the pair swayed together – the start of the oldest dance of all.

Topic 111 - When in your life did you know you were not alone? Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:53 pm


I think I’ve been a loner most all my life. As kids, Pop pitted me and Stephen against each other, forcing us to be that way; as an adult, I’ve not been much different. I don’t have a lot of close friends, just a lot of people I know and that’s different. Funny, I used to tell myself that I liked it that way, even believed it for a while. Until he came along. Blair.

I always found opening up to people tough unless it was for work. Hell, I’d rather face a crazed drug lord than talk about my feelings, but lately…well. Let’s just say Sandburg manages to get me to do things that I never thought I’d do, at least not willingly. He’s so damn smart – it’s really kinda scary how dead on he is about things most of the time. Take Laura. I knew it was too easy, too breathtaking to be good and Blair tried to tell me but I didn’t listen – not at first at least. I let her in and pushed him away – told him to mind his own business instead of mine. Boy, I’d learned another lesson in the end and once they took her away; there was Blair again, all warm support and kindness.

I take a break from my musings and get myself another beer, taking an idle sip as I walk back to the balcony to check on dinner. I’m grilling steaks and if luck holds out, they’ll be done just before the game starts.

Looking back, I seek the source of the odd noise and realize it’s Sandburg’s humming as he makes the salad. Strange how he just fits. Fits in my kitchen, my house, my life. Strange to realize that your alone ended and you didn’t even notice it til it was done. Stranger still to realize how happy I am about it. Guess that’s just one more thing that Sandburg was right about.

Jim Ellison
The Sentinel
Word Count: 326
Episode 9: Attraction

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Top ten ways you know you're reading an Erin Riwen storyCollapse )


1) My stories are sweet romance and affirmation.  I don’t do angst well and only put in enough to try to be real.  I guess, for me, I’ve had enough angst in my real life that I like fun and sweetness in my writing.  here will ALWAYS be a happy ending.  Always.

2) I am very fond of doing missing moments/episodes based around canon.  My favorite period of time is just at or post TS by BS.

3) Most my stories are Jim/Blair slash. I like Gen and will write it, but generally, I see so much chemistry that so far, I’ve written it that way.  As this is the first fandom that I’ve actually liked Gen in, this could change over time.

4) Jim and Blair love each other and any discord between them is normal human stuff that they eventually work through.  I will never write intentional betrayal or hurt.

5) I write character development – more so than descriptions or case studies.  If I do those things, it’s totally in support of the development of the characters.

6) I balance everything as much in canon as I can and still have it tell the story I hear in my head.

7) I use a lot of ellipses, dashes and run on sentences.  I hear and see the movie in my head as I write and that’s the only way so far that I’ve found to try and mimic the speech patterns in my head.  I’m an English degreed editor, so I do know the correct way, I just choose this way to try and have things “sound” right.

8) Playing on the one above, I do a lot of “action” comments – trying to make the reader see what I see.  I usually feel that I fail to fully manage that, but I do try.

9) I like fanon – in particular the spiritual connections and the use of the term guide. 

10) My stories tend to be long, because I totally immerse myself into the minute details that make life rich and full.  I do, however, try and break them into parts that can stand alone cause I hate WIP’s that don’t get finished and I am not the best at finishing things.

The Brass Ring II - TS, J/B, first time, romance only Jan. 21st, 2006 @ 07:35 pm

Title: The Brass Ring II
Author: Erin Riwen
Email addy: erin.riwen@gmail.com
Category: slash, first time
For:  Fill in chapter
Word Count: 1025
Warning: no sex or bad words, I don't think. Gratuitous mush and romance.
Author's Note: This series was started for the sentinel_thurs</lj>challenges. Only the parts of this series appropriate for the challenges will be on Sentinel Thursday – all parts will be archived on my LJ.  Takes place the day after Blair's press conference and subsequent conversations with Jim. The use of actual text from the show's transcripts leaves all ownership of said words to PetFly and the show's writers.


On to The Brass Ring Part IICollapse )

I hate leaving him, hate facing the day without him by my side and it will take everything I have and everything he taught me to do what I need to alone.  Simon and I will be talking as soon as he’s up to it – I need Blair by my side.


Breakfast is odd.  Sitting at the table with Jim and Naomi like it was any other day when it was anything but any other day was just surreal, man.  Still, it wasn’t all ordinary.  Jim sat beside me and across from Naomi.  He smiled at me a lot and once he reached over and brushed a stray curl behind my ear.  I swear, every time he touches me I shiver and I think he likes that.  He kinda enjoys the power thing, you know and man, does he have my buttons memorized.  Finally, he has to go and I walk him to the door, standing between the door and the jamb, unwilling to lose sight of him just yet.


I admit I’m getting jazzed at how he lights up and shivers when I touch him.  God, looking back I can see how we’ve acted like a couple for years but this, this is so much more.  I have to dial back my senses a little or else I’ll need a cold shower before work.  “Court this morning, then reports this afternoon, Chief,” I say as I stop in the hall and give him a smile.  “I’ll try and make lunch, but not likely.  I’ll get home soon as I can tonight, though.”  Before I talk myself out of work and into more of Blair, I lean in and kiss him soundly; reminding him, hell, reminding both of us of things to come and then head down the stairs.  I walk in time to Blair’s heartbeat as it follows me to the truck.


“Blair, honey?,” Naomi says as she sits on the couch beside me. 

I smile at her, a little wistful but not sad.  I’m ok mom, really,” I assure her, trying to let her see that I am ok, even if I don’t have all the answers just yet.

“You know Jim loves you,” she said softly as her hand came up and cupped my cheek.  “I mean, that was obvious down here, not to mention what you might have gotten upstairs.”


I love my mom, really I do, but sometimes she just a little much.  “Mom!”.  I laugh nervously and shake my head.  “Jim was a perfect gentleman,” I say with a smile, still struggling to fully accept all that had happened in only a day.

“But,” she starts and I hold up my hand to stop her.  “I am NOT going to discuss the details of my love life with you; but yes,” I say softly, my voice still full of wonder at it all.  “Jim loves me.  I don’t know fully how or why, but he does and I love him.  He says we need to take it slow – I mean, neither of us figured on this, you know?”  I sit there, my elbows on my knees and my hands clasped together as I talk.

To her credit, Naomi seemed to understand that I needed to vent and simply sat and listened.  “I admit the attraction, but never really gave it much credence, you know?  It just wasn’t that way with us, only it was, but it wasn’t and well, now, here we are.  And, Jim and me, we just fit, you know?  For the first time in my life, I really fit someplace.  I know I’ve lost my place at the PD but I’ll just have to find other ways to help Jim that don’t require me being there.  I mean, I’m a resourceful guy, right?”  I sigh again, not really needing an answer and swipe my hands over my eyes.  “I’m tired, mom.  I think I’d like more sleep – maybe we can grab some lunch later?”

An understanding smile and a nod.  Bless her that sometimes she can just leave things alone.  “Sure, honey,” she said with a kiss to my hair.I instinctively start toward my room and then kinda grin at myself as I adjust and make my way upstairs.  Chucking my robe aside, I crawl back into Jim’s..our big bed and bury my face in his pillows.  Jim’s scent surrounds me and I drift off in a cloud of euphoria.


Having court this morning makes it a bit easier not having Sandburg with me, but it brings back to clear memory how much tougher it is to keep my senses and my emotions in check without him around.  A lot of things about how courts and trials work can try anyone’s patience but especially mine; he made that better somehow.  I guess that’s how this guide thing works, though truth be told; it’s mostly how this Blair thing works.  Funny, I used to think I was the one in charge but hell, I know better now – not that I”ll necessarily tell him that.  I have to grin when I think about how he’d tease me endlessly about that if I admitted it.

I sigh as I make my way to my desk to tackle the mountain of paperwork still left on the Zeller case.  Most of the broken glass has been replaced and the cleanup is done, but things are far from normal.  You can’t just continue on in a war zone and forget the war, even if the bodies are gone.  Still, work is work, crime still happens and we still fight it.  I eat my late lunch sandwich as I start on my reports, wishing yet again that Sandburg were here.  Not only do I miss him, but he’s so much better at this than I am.  A quick check finds a message from him that he’s taking Naomi out to lunch and he misses me and I smile.  Just hearing his voice over the phone brings a calmness that I cannot find on my own.  Oh yeah, he’s the boss alright.


The Brass Ring - TS, J/B, first time, romance only Jan. 15th, 2006 @ 05:56 pm

Title:  The Brass Ring
Author: Erin Riwen
Email addy: erin.riwen@gmail.com
Category: slash, first time
Word Count:  1,791
Warning: no sex or bad words, I don't think.  Gratuitous mush and romance.
Author's Note:  Written for the sentinel_thurs challenge #124.  The word doctor is mentioned, twice.  This is the first part of a longer piece which will be on my journal.  Takes place the night after Blair's press conference and subsequent conversation with Jim.  The use of actual text from the show's transcripts leaves all ownership of said words to PetFly and the show's writers.


Jan. 5th, 2006 @ 05:48 pm

I've claimed Blair at icons100. Here's my big table for it...it'll be linked in my memories and I'll do fake cuts as I update it. I think I've gone Sentinel insane.

on to the tableCollapse )
001. Alone 002. Magical 003. Embrace 004. Sunshine 005. Sorrow
006. A Dreamer's
007. Colorful 008. Brightness 009. Rain 010. All is Wrong
011. All is Right 012. Lost 013. Wicked 014. Smile 015. Laughter
016. Misery 017. Secrets 018. All That I Am 019. Soul Food 020. Love
021. Fire 022. Ice 023. Glory 024. Full of Regret 025. Green
026. Blue 027. Red 028. Forgotten 029. Snarky 030. Mmm Yum!
031. Hush 032. Reminisce 033. Why 034. Time 035. So Close,
Yet So Far Away
036. Joy 037. Kiss 038. Beautiful 039. Hope 040. Desire
041. I've Been Bad 042. Fury 043. Companionship 044. From Now On 045. Mine
046. Trouble in
047. Tears 048. My Drug 049. Flowers 050. Water
051. Artist Choice. 052. Artist Choice. 053. Artist Choice. 054. Artist Choice. 055. Artist Choice.
056. Artist Choice. 057. Artist Choice. 058. Artist Choice. 059. Artist Choice. 060. Artist Choice.
061. Artist Choice. 062. Artist Choice. 063. Artist Choice. 064. Artist Choice. 065. Artist Choice.
066. Artist Choice. 067. Artist Choice. 068. Artist Choice. 069. Artist Choice. 070. Artist Choice.
071. Artist Choice. 072. Artist Choice. 073. Artist Choice. 074. Artist Choice. 075. Artist Choice.
076. Artist Choice. 077. Artist Choice. 078. Artist Choice. 079. Artist Choice. 080. Artist Choice.
081. Artist Choice. 082. Artist Choice. 083. Artist Choice. 084. Artist Choice. 085. Artist Choice.
086. Artist Choice. 087. Artist Choice. 088. Artist Choice. 089. Artist Choice. 090. Artist Choice.
091. Artist Choice. 092. Artist Choice. 093. Artist Choice. 094. Artist Choice. 095. Artist Choice.
096. Artist Choice. 097. Artist Choice. 098. Artist Choice. 099. Artist Choice. 100. Artist Choice.

Fic: You Show Me Yours Jan. 4th, 2006 @ 05:41 pm

Title: You Show Me Yours
Author: Erin Riwen
Word Count: 1,796
Category: Slash
Rating:  PG

<lj-cut text="You Show Me Yours">

"I tell ya, I don't do New Year's Resolutions, Chief. Why set yourself up to fail?" Jim said, the twinkle in his eyes belying the serious set of his face.

"C'mon Jim, just humor me, ok?" Blair said, his infectious grin lighting up his face.

“I dunno, Chief.  I seem to recall times in the past when humoring you turned out to be dangerous ground,” Jim teased.  He knew he was baiting Blair, but getting the kid all worked up was really just too much fun to resist.  In the end, he’d give in.  He almost always did.

“Very funny, Jim,” Blair said sarcastically.  “C’mon man, don’t be like this.  You said you wanted to know more about me, about what I like to do, traditions, all that.”  Blair hammered a bit, pushing Jim’s holiday confession back at him.

"OK, OK," Jim said, his smile finally showing as he held his hands up in defeat. "You win, Sandburg."

"Now, remember Jim. They have to be serious and you really have to try."

Jim nodded, but said nothing as he looked at the pad and pen in his hands; his mood turning slightly more somber. He let his thoughts drift over the last year, memories that he could really live without and wondered what the new one would bring. Looking over, he watched Blair write easily and wished his thoughts and feelings came as easily as his friend's seemed to.

Blair looked up and smiled. "Just think about the last year, man and come up with what you'd like to be different this year."

Just like that; but then things for Sandburg were often just that simple, that sweet and easy. Jim gave him a nod and looked back down at his paper.  He knew what was in his mind, his heart.  That wasn’t the problem.  The problem was letting them out.  Jim knew from experience that letting things like that out was the first step to drowning in them.  Experience had taught him well, so there he sat with pen to paper and no clue how to make himself put these thoughts and feelings into words.  Words were not his strong suit – he was a man of action.  He was educated enough, managed to write the things he had to to get his degree; but this, this was different.  This was the real him, the one deep inside that no one knew, no one saw; no one but Sandburg, that is.  No matter how hard he tried, Jim always failed in the end to hide much from his partner.  Sometimes that was a blessing, sometimes a curse. 

Finally, after much struggle from Jim’s end at least, they were both done with their lists and Jim closed the small notepad, content that he had been honest even if he had no idea how to make any of them come true.

"OK," Blair said, putting his pen down. "Now, hand me yours." He held his list out to Jim, his other hand reaching for the notepad.

"You never said we'd be reading each other's, Chief," Jim said, his tone cautious.

"It's tradition, Jim. Part of the magic of making them easier to keep is to share them with the person closest to you, unless..." Blair's voice faded and stopped, the light in his eyes dimming a little, "unless there's someone else you'd rather share them with."

Blair could absolutely rip his heart out in no time flat and Jim was quick to shake his head. "There's no one else, Blair," he said softly; hesitating only a moment, then handing over the notepad and taking his partner's. Jim felt his heartbeat increase slightly as their fingers touched and he noted that Blair's did as well. One eyebrow rose but he said nothing.

There was no small amount of relief in the deep blue eyes that watched him intently and Jim had to mentally shake himself not to zone on their depths. Releasing the notepad, Jim knew that he had just embarked on a path that there was no turning back from.

"I'll go first," Blair said, bouncing slightly as he flipped open the small pad. "OK, here goes." Without hesitation, he began to read the items listed, his voice getting more soft and filled with wonder as he went. "Number one," Blair said excitedly, "Be less uptight about things, especially things at home. After all, it's our place now, not just mine." Blue eyes looked up, searching Jim's face, then Blair cleared his throat and continued. "Number two, learn as much about Hanukkah as possible. If it's important to Blair, it's important to me." A pause, then a soft sigh. "Aww, Jim," he said softly.

The emotion in Blair's voice was a palatable thing and Jim swallowed hard, looking away to maintain control. He wanted Blair to know how he felt, he just hadn't had time to prepare for the depth of these emotions. Where the hell was his hard-earned control now?

"Number three," Blair continued, his voice now full of emotion as well. "Try to find some small ways to make every day like Christmas day for Blair - and make myself remember that gifts don't always have to be bought.”

A long pause caused Jim to look up and he saw Blair pinching his eyes. "You ok, Chief?” he said softly, pushing himself past his own boundaries and reaching over to brush the soft curls with his fingers. Without hesitation, Blair's free hand reached up and captured Jim's and the warmth of that touch made Jim catch his breath. Returning the gentle squeeze, Jim smiled. "Go ahead, Blair. Read the rest."

Not letting go of Jim's hand, Blair blinked a couple of times and then continued. "Number four," he said softly, "Do my best to make sure Blair doesn't die again while not taking away his pride, position or accomplishments."

A soft chuckle, accompanied by a moist sounding hiccup followed that one and Jim grinned. His thumb brushed over the back of Blair's hand in a calming motion. "I..." Blair started, but he never finished the sentence. He simply looked at Jim and blinked to try and hold himself together.

Jim knew this was it; the end of the line and for better or for worse, his deepest thoughts would be laid bare between them. "Number five." Jim lifted Blair's hand and brushed his lips against the soft skin of Blair's hand as the last resolution was read. "Find some" Blair looked up in surprise at hearing Jim say the words along with him.

Jim finished the entry. "not-so cheesy way to tell Blair how very much I love and cherish him. I suck at words, so this'll be hard for me." Their eyes locked and then Jim tugged on Blair's hand. An impish grin preceded the leap which landed Jim with a lap full of laughing, tearful, bouncy Sandburg. Jim's arm wound around Blair's waist, holding him as securely as possible. "I take it you don't mind," Jim said quietly, his smile bright and his eyes sparkling.

"Are you kidding me?" Blair exclaimed as his arms wrapped around the broad shoulders. "Man, that's every Christmas, Hanukkah and Birthday present I could ever want.”  Without thought or hesitation, Blair leaned close and Jim finally tasted Blair and nothing in his best dreams had even come close to this reality.  Those pouty, full lips that had been the thing that wet dreams were made of were softer, sweeter and more delicious than anything Jim could have imagined.  Only a small step behind, Jim returned the kiss, opening his lips to the gentle prodding of Blair’s tongue.  Kissing Blair was like nothing Jim had ever experienced. He allowed his senses free reign and was instantly wrapped in warmth, the smell of spices and the taste of the peppermint that Blair had been eating earlier. When they finally broke apart, both of them breathing hard, Jim buried his face in the mass of curls as another part of his fantasy world came to life. Breathing deeply, Jim imprinted this new version of Blair's scent into his system. "I'm sorry, Chief, that it took me so long,” he said as he pulled back enough to look into Blair’s eyes.  “Shoulda said this," he started, but a finger against his lips stopped his thought. Blair's head shook side to side, a gentle smile on his face. "No," he said softly, "no shoulda, coulda, woulda. We look forward, move forward."

"Agreed," Jim said, relieved that it had been this easy; but then, everything really had been easy with Blair whenever he'd just let them happen and wasn't an anal asshole. With a grin, he remembered the pad in his hand. "Hang on a minute, Chief. I never read your resolutions." The grin on Blair's face caused him to pull the pad around and open it up. "Let's see now," Jim said, taking in the first item on the list. "First, find more ways to make Jim's life easier." Jim leaned over the list to kiss those smiling lips again. Clearing his throat, he continued. "Second, try harder not to do things that get on Jim's nerves.   A strange look crossed Jim’s face as he realized yet again what a pain in the ass he was to live with.  The full realization hit him how well Blair actually managed to get along with him despite everything and he noticed those blue eyes watching him, as if waiting for a bad reaction.  Jim simply let his love for Blair shine in his eyes, let the smile he felt come forth.  “No worries, Chief.  You do just fine.”

A grin and another kiss was Blair's only reaction. Licking his lips, Jim continued. "Third, try not to die again. That totally sucked." A momentary flash of that moment at the fountain clouded Jim's vision and he pulled Blair close again, kissing his hair, his eyes and finally, those pouty lips. "Totally sucked," he said, at once teasing and deadly serious. Blair leaned forward, rubbing their cheeks together. "Totally," he whispered. "Go on Jim," he said softly into his Sentinel's ear, "read the last one." Holding Blair in place where he was, Jim lifted the small pad above Blair's shoulder and read the final entry. "Four, find some way to tell Jim how very much I love him, and keep telling him until he gives up and loves me back."

For long moments, Jim held Blair close. The notepads were tossed aside and their arms held and caressed each other. "Oh, Blair," Jim said softly as he ran his fingers through those beloved curls. "Happy New Year, sweetheart," he murmured.

"Happy New Year, babe," Blair countered, his warm mouth finding its way back to those earthshaking kisses.

Smut 69 table for Elrond and Erestor Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 05:31 pm

on to big tableCollapse )

1. Moan 2. Writhe 3. Satin 4. Lube 5. Ring
6. Restraints 7. Feather 8. Leather 9. Massage 10. Candle Wax
11. Ice 12. Oil 13. Thrust 14. Breast 15. Throat
16. Taut 17. Supple 18. Strained 19. Whisper 20. Lick
21. Kiss 22. Blindfold 23. Handcuffs 24. "Toys" 25. Orgy
26. Corset 27. Scent 28. Dominant 29. Submissive 30. Kinky
31. Erection 32. Champagne 33. Cuddle 34. Foreplay 35. Intercourse
36. Afterglow 37. Cherries 38. Fingers 39. Suckle 40. Virgins
41. Sluts 42. Relationships 43. Talking Dirty 44. Sweet Nothings 45. Proposition
46. Bottom 47. Top 48. Cunning 49. Heart 50. Heated
51. Lips 52. Role Play 53. Threesome 54. Self-Love 55. Voyeur
56. Cyber 57. Phone Encounter 58. Strangers 59. Best Friends 60. Enemies
61. Slick 62. Wet 63. Deep 64. Dirty 65. Bad
66. Wrong 67. Writer's Choice 68. Writer's Choice 69. Writer's Choice

Smut 69 Fiction Table for Jim and Blair Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 05:30 pm

on to big tableCollapse )

1. Moan 2. Writhe 3. Satin 4. Lube 5. Ring
6. Restraints 7. Feather 8. Leather 9. Massage 10. Candle Wax
11. Ice 12. Oil 13. Thrust 14. Breast 15. Throat
16. Taut 17. Supple 18. Strained 19. Whisper 20. Lick
21. Kiss 22. Blindfold 23. Handcuffs 24. "Toys" 25. Orgy
26. Corset 27. Scent 28. Dominant 29. Submissive 30. Kinky
31. Erection 32. Champagne 33. Cuddle 34. Foreplay 35. Intercourse
36. Afterglow 37. Cherries 38. Fingers 39. Suckle 40. Virgins
41. Sluts 42. Relationships 43. Talking Dirty 44. Sweet Nothings 45. Proposition
46. Bottom 47. Top 48. Cunning 49. Heart 50. Heated
51. Lips 52. Role Play 53. Threesome 54. Self-Love 55. Voyeur
56. Cyber 57. Phone Encounter 58. Strangers 59. Best Friends 60. Enemies
61. Slick 62. Wet 63. Deep 64. Dirty 65. Bad
66. Wrong 67. Writer's Choice 68. Writer's Choice 69. Writer's Choice

there are no time limits. Do what you feel when you feel like it, so long as you use or take inspiration from one of the 69 prompts.

My big icon table Dec. 15th, 2005 @ 05:27 pm

I have developed an unreal fascination with these two faces...and cannot seem to stop making icons. Some of what you'll see here will be designed for my icons100community and some for ts_stills so you may see these in both.

I'll continue to update this table and create fake links when I've updated it...to keep things all in one place. - NEW ICONS added to the bottom of the table.

Comments cherished.  No credit needed, just don't take credit for them yourself.  I don't own either man, dammit.

tears of a clown happy kiss me Sentinel highly amused
Tears of a clown Happy Kiss me Sentinel - A look
reserved only
for his guide
Highly amused
face of an angel Kiss Him loving fun balance cherry
Face of an angel Kiss Him Loving fun Balance Cherry
blair honey kick your ass so married guiding hand that&apos;s huge
blair honey
kick your ass
so married
guiding hand
that's huge
whatever, man Surprise Mom-Bed Quickie Blessed Protector
whatever, man
my mom, our bed?
blessed protector
Kiss on the Brow Dangerous Glasses/Curls Questioning Something&apos;s wrong
Kiss on the brow
glasses and curls
something's wrong

Banner for third place at ts_stills

Banner for third place at ts_stills

Theatrical Muse Topic 103: (Switchman) What is the thing you regret most NOT saying? Dec. 12th, 2005 @ 10:53 pm
I have a lot of regrets in my life.  I am not the best at saying what I feel; hell, I suck at saying what I feel.  I regret that I let my father come between me and my brother.  I regret that I didn’t tell my mom I loved her that night before she left.  I regret that I wasn’t a better husband to Carolyn.  She really did deserve better than a cold, mostly absent husband.  Still, of all that, I think my biggest regret hit me today.  See, we were tracking down a bomber, one who seemed to enjoy taunting me specifically.  It was really strange that the switchman always seemed one step ahead of me and damned professional about it.  In the end, it wasn’t a hardened criminal, just a lost, screwed up little girl who blamed me for her father’s death.  He was one of my men.  I tried to save him, I told her that but she was too lost in her own pain.  In the end, we wrapped things up and she will get the help she needs, but I cannot stop hearing her voice.  “You left me all alone” she said.  And I did, or rather the ones that gunned us down did.  Still, I realized that I returned and those men never did and I never once went to see or speak to any of their loved ones.  What kind of commander was I?  What kind of man am I?  So, here I sit, safe in my loft and those men, they are dead and their families feel the loss.  The thing I regret most not ever saying is I’m sorry to those people – perhaps it's not too late.

Theatrical Muse Topic 104: (Siege) What are you happy about right now? Dec. 12th, 2005 @ 05:23 pm
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I’m happy to have found Sandburg, or rather, that Sandburg found me.

It’s been a weird month, to say the least. First, I lose a prime suspect because my head goes loopy, then the doctors say there’s nothing wrong with me. As if that’s not enough, I meet this long-haired college kid who says he has the answers I need. Now, I was sure I’d regret even talking to him, but in the end, you know, the kid did alright. Sure he talks non-stop and he is constantly trying to film me or take notes on my every move, but once he stopped bopping around like a hairball on speed, he really did prove he knew his stuff. He rode around with me and just taught me to focus, to think and to use my senses. Some of it felt stupid at first but it really works. I’m sure the reason we managed to stop Kincade and his men and save the hostages is because Sandburg had taught me enough to use my senses to stay one step ahead of the men trying to kill us. Banks didn’t really buy the cousin story and now he wants a full explanation from both of us, but I think even he’ll agree that the kid has the answers we need to keep me on my game.

I’m still not sure about all this Sentinel stuff, but I am sure that if I’m going to keep and use these abilities, having someone like him around will make it easier. With any luck, he’ll manage to teach me to control them on my own so that I won’t need him around forever. I hate depending on other people.

Theatrical Muse Intro Dec. 11th, 2005 @ 10:49 pm
Being new to Sentinel and to writing this fandom, I am open to thoughts and opinions about my portrayals of Jim. This is my intro for him there.

My name is Jim Ellison and I'm a cop - Cascade Major Crime detective, to be exact.

Not that much to tell really, about my past. Left home at 18, was an Army Ranger but after being shot down in Peru, I decided that I needed a calmer life. Joined the Cascade PD, got married, got divorced. I run a lot, am a neat freak and can take jaw clenching to Oscar-winning proportions. I like wonderburgers, pizza, beer, fishing and the Jags. Like I said, typical guy.

My new partner, in crime and fighting it, is Blair Sandburg; that mop top, wildly grinning little guy over there. He's also my guide, because apparently I'm a Sentinel and we each need one of those. I have heightened senses and Sandburg tells me that’s an ancient kind of watchman in some tribal cultures. It’s damned annoying a lot of the time, to be honest. I mean, do you really want to hear people down the street fighting or watching TV or getting laid? Would you really want to be able to smell food 6 blocks away or see not only in your neighbors’ windows but in the window of your neighbor a mile away? Everything is loud and smelly and bright and I tried like hell to get rid of it but then Sandburg pointed out the advantage to being a cop with these senses, a walking crime lab with organic surveillance equipment he called it. I have to admit he has a point, provided I can learn to control them and have some degree of normalcy.

Something tells me my life will never be the same again. Still not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad one. Time will tell.

A scene, not a stand alone.... Mar. 3rd, 2005 @ 02:30 pm
This is a scene that is part of my large series that seems determined to write itself in bits and in a totally random order. This bit hit me this morning on the ride into work. I wrote it in one sitting and bawled all the way through. It's had one rewrite and no beta yet...but I thought I'd punch it out here in case anyone had thoughts on it while I'm working on the rest of it. I had to stop here as I was at work and can't afford to be any more of an emotional idiot than I already am. My timing just sucks sometimes...LOL

Scene - Numenor - Second Age 442 - home of Elros
Warnings..character death - Canon - Elros
How does Elrond face the death of his twin?
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Fic: But I Do Love You, 2/??, Blue (PG) - Poss Red later, Erestor/Glorfindel Feb. 28th, 2005 @ 07:28 pm
Title: But I Do Love You
Author: Erin Riwen (erin.riwen@g...)
Rating: Using Master Erestor's lovely new rating system – Blue (PG) for now.
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Disclaimer: I own little save my own flowery style and the tea I
drank while writing this
Warnings: Excessive flirting, teasing and fun and a depth of
innuendo, sexual or otherwise. Described by one beta reader as
sweet; rich like super sticky chocolate ice cream – so cavity
Beta: Jessica and Jules
Notes: Chapter 2/?? - This bunny bit me on the drive home when
listening to music. It's a song fic based on "But I Do Love You" by
Leann Rimes from Coyote Ugly.
Summary: The newly re-birthed Glorfindel arrives in Imladris and
sparks fly between him and Elrond's Chief Advisor

With an inclination of his head and a wave of his hand, Elrond motioned toward Erestor.

“This is Erestor, Chief among my advisors and one sworn equally in service to the people of this realm. It is at his hand that many of the decisions of the realm are made and you will work closely together as we see to the needs of our people.” Taking a step back, Elrond allowed the two elves to greet each other.

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Fic: , Can’t Fight the Moonlight 1/1 – Rating: Blue Erestor/Elrond Feb. 27th, 2005 @ 12:53 am
Title: Can’t Fight the Moonlight
Author: Erin Riwen
Rating: Using Master Erestor's lovely new rating system – Blue
Pairing: Erestor/Elrond
Disclaimer: I own little save my own flowery style and the tea I
drank while writing this
Warnings: none really, just excessive moonlight and curiosity
Beta: Jessica
Notes: It's a song fic based on "Can’t Fight the Moonlight" by
Leann Rimes from Coyote Ugly. Some lyrics altered slightly.
Summary: Lord Elrond and his lover Erestor disappear every evening. Where do they go and why?

For Master Erestor – To feed your fav. pairing cravings. *huggles*

“There they go again,” Faelothor found himself muttering under his breath.

Lindir glanced at him, his brow knitted together in confusion. “Who?” he asked quietly.

“Lord Elrond and Master Erestor. They left, disappearing into the night while everyone else heads to the hall.”

“They will be there,” Lindir pointed out as they walked, “they always are. Why does it worry you so?”

“Aye, but always after…after whatever it is they do. I am…curious,” Faelothor replied, suddenly stopping in the entrance to the hall of fire, a look on his face that his lover knew well.
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Fic: But I Do Love You, 1/??, Blue - Poss Red later, Erestor/Glorfindel Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 08:02 pm
Title: But I Do Love You
Author: Erin Riwen (erin.riwen@g...)
Rating: Using Master Erestor's lovely new rating system - Blue for
now – possibly up to Red later.
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Disclaimer: I own little save my own flowery style and the tea I
drank while writing this
Warnings: Excessive flirting, teasing and fun and a depth of
innuendo, sexual or otherwise. Described by one beta reader as
sweet; rich like super sticky chocolate ice cream – so cavity
Archive: My LJ, Lasgalen Library, Erestor list and Glorfindel list.
Beta: Jessica and Jules
Notes: Chapter 1/?? - This bunny bit me on the drive home when
listening to music. It's a song fic based on "But I Do Love You" by
Leann Rimes from Coyote Ugly.
Summary: The newly rebirthed Glorfindel arrives in Imladris and
sparks fly between him and Elrond's Chief Advisor

But I Do Love You….

“He approaches,” Elrond said, rising from his desk and making his way to the door of his office.

Without a word, Erestor, Chief of Elrond’s advisors rose as well and followed the Peredhel through the halls of the last homely house, both curious and admittedly excited. Though Erestor had his own history to be proud of and Elrond was not lacking either; to welcome a recently resurrected, much famed Balrog Slayer and Lord of Gondolin was a caliber of event that was not a daily occurrence – not even in Imladris.

The enigmatic message received from Cirdan only a number of days ago had shed little light on this event and so it was with a combination of anticipation and piqued interest that the two highest ranking members of the realm stood together on the stone steps leading up to the House of Elrond. In the distance, the procession could be seen and grooms stood ready to care for the horses carrying their guests. Rooms were prepared, banquets lay in waiting, baths drawn in hopes of providing the kind of welcome that Imladris was known for.

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Ficlet - Come Away With Me 1/1 Jan. 29th, 2005 @ 08:48 am

Title: Come Away With Me

Author: Erin Riwen

Rating: PG

Pairing: Erestor/?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the teacup I emptied whilst I composed this…

Warnings: Un-beta’d Notes, AU, song fic to “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones.

Summary: Erestor is beckoned to his lover’s side

Archive: ask first

This is dedicated to erestor. You started this – so here we go. *grins*


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Secret Santa Swap - Slash - December 2004 Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 03:33 pm

This was done for a secret santa swap - not a usual pairing for me, so all feedback appreciated.

Title:  I Gave You My Heart
Author:  Erin Riwen
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Elladan/Elrohir
Plot Summary: The twins offer each other the only Yule gift that seems appropriate
Rating: R - Slash
Beta:  Jessica


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A Promise Kept Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 03:10 pm

This story won me points as well as a position in the head group of the bard guild which I ended up being the top bard in. 

A promise Kept - Het - PGCollapse )

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Father of Starlight Jan. 11th, 2005 @ 07:02 pm

This is the verse I am most proud of.  I love Elrond to bits and think his story is at the same time so sad and yet so awe inspiring.  I am certain that he stood and watched the star and he must have wondered what if, at least sometimes.


Father of Starlight

by Erin Riwen

Category: Poem
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This story uses characters and some situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: A son's thoughts of his father

The sun setting low, the first bright spot appears,
a slow, sailing ship whose view calms my fears.
So long since that time, when your destiny called -
my Father, my light, you hold me enthralled.


Would life have been different, if you had stayed?
Would my beloved Elros, other choices have made?
With Mother so fair and you by my side,
would the number be fewer of tears I have cried?


Still, I know you're there, keeping watch overhead.
Your presence still guides me, the steps that I tread.
Now, can you see me, feel the thoughts in my heart?
Do you wonder as I do why we had to part?


Weary I grow as this world moves ahead,
darker the shadow and feeling of dread.
Firstborn we are and keep vigil we will,
until the due time when our last voice is still.


When finally my ship, I take to the shore,
will you, dear Father, in the heavens still soar?
Or will I see standing there waiting for me
a Mother and Father, a family to be?


First bits Jan. 11th, 2005 @ 06:51 pm

Ok, the main focus of my writing will be my series, but I have a few bits from before, and will do some one offs for fun and distraction.  May as well start at the beginning. 

These pieces were my very first attempts at verse, from an online bards guild class.  I ran the guild.  This is proof positive that I was a better Aralirdan than a poet.  Still, you must start someplace, I suppose.  I don’t think that Springsteen has to worry overmuch about competition from me, however.  *grins*

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Question for those on my friends list Dec. 19th, 2004 @ 05:24 am
I thought perhaps getting a few opinions on this subject might help me as I get started on my writing.

What is the thought among you about writing works in progress and a timeline? My first lessons in the world of LOTR fan fiction were folks who planned a storyline and then wrote and published it in chronological order. Recently, I have been told by several folks that I should simply write what strikes me and let the fun be more important than the order. As I am moving from years of RP into actual storywriting, I am not sure which is the best approach. I admit that a long outline, which I do have and I know roughly where the story will go, does give a sense of continuity; but it is also now setting me up to think I should write in timeline order, rather than when the bunnies hit. Is that the best way to do things?

If you choose not to write in timeline order, do you publish in the order you write, or do you stay out of the publishing situation until you have it completed? In my case, my current timeline covers thousands of years. I think LOTR might be over completely before it's done. I could do as Master Erestor does and publish in volumes - break the time line up a bit. I guess I can do as AC does - throw my whole timeline up online with blurbs of content and then take the stories live in the order they come to me and hope people follow along and can keep straight what order they are in.

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this process, both as writers and as readers.


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